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Monetising e-sports skills in the job market

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By Saurabh Meena, founder of WEARE1 ACADEMY

A growing number of skilled esports players are now finding more employment opportunities in the world of esports. What once was an obscure pastime has rapidly grown into a phenomenon enjoyed by millions around the globe. Esports, with popular titles such as Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Free Fire, has now become a source of substantial income. These games alone generated profits of $93 million and $32 million, respectively, in 2021. Professional competition can open doors to various jobs. Let’s explore how you can monetize your esports skills in the job market.

Strategic thinking and collaboration

Competitive gamers excel at working in teams and communicating effectively. These skills are crucial in corporate settings, where team dynamics are key to successful collaboration. Strategic thinking developed through practicing complex tactics, is also highly beneficial for jobs involving problem-solving and decision-making.

Career in Esports

A streamer or content producer

Websites such as YouTube and Twitch allow gamers to monetize their gameplay through ads, donations, and subscription plans. Content creators can collaborate with brands for sponsorships, turning their hobby into a profitable business.

Esports coaches or analysts

Experienced players can become coaches, helping to develop the skills of newer players. Analysts provide valuable insights by analyzing games, aiding teams in maximizing their productivity.

Sector-specific positions in Esports

Design, marketing & game development

Gamers can leverage their understanding of gaming culture in marketing roles, developing targeted marketing plans to promote video games. Experience with game mechanics, player psychology, and other gaming aspects makes former players valuable assets in game design.

Establishing a business network

Ongoing socialisation and education

Success in esports requires continuous learning. Engaging with industry experts, joining online forums, and attending tournaments can lead to improved opportunities. Networking is crucial for job success, providing chances to collaborate with executives and top talent.

Routes to education

Many universities now offer specialized degrees in game design, digital marketing, and sports administration. These programs equip students with the business and technical knowledge needed to thrive in the esports industry.

Sponsorships & brand collaborations

Professional esports gamers often secure high-level sponsorships, boosting their earnings. These alliances help build personal brands and extend careers.

Understanding the esports ecosystem

To succeed in esports, it’s essential to understand the entire ecosystem, including various audiences, teams, sponsors, and tournament organizers. Professionals who grasp these interactions can identify opportunities and make informed career choices.

Soft skills: Flexibility and leadership

Esports cultivate vital soft skills such as leadership and flexibility. Corporate leaders need to make quick decisions, and team leaders with esports experience are well-suited for such roles. Adaptability is also crucial in high-speed work environments.

India’s esports industry and its financial sustainability

India’s professional gaming industry thrives on its lucrative prize pools. For instance, the BGMI Pro League offers a prize pool worth INR 1.5 crore (about $200,000). Top players can earn between $280,000 and $900,000 annually from endorsements, sponsorships, and salaries. Monthly earnings for players range from INR 1,400 to INR 5,000 (about $1,400 to $7,000).

Government aid

In 2022, the Indian Government recognized esports as a legitimate industry, offering scholarships and sponsoring tournaments. This recognition provides infrastructure support and validates esports as a viable career path.

Esports offers numerous career opportunities beyond playing games. The skills developed through esports, such as teamwork, agility, and strategic reasoning, are valuable in various professional fields. With the right training and strategy, gamers can successfully leverage their esports talents in the job market and find fulfilling careers in this fast-growing and exciting sector.

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