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The impact of Artificial intelligence on HR solutions in the permanent staffing industry

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By R.P Yadav, Chairman and Managing Director, Genius Consultants Limited

The advent of technology has opened up new doors in the field of Artificial intelligence. AI
has always been prevalent in various fields but it has gained momentum in recent times
and currently holds capabilities that were considered achievable only in futuristic dreams.
AI displays remarkable potential within the field of permanent staffing HR solutions.
To gain insight into the usage of Artificial Intelligence in HR, we must understand its
multifaceted applications across various stages of the employee lifecycle, from initial
stages of the recruitment process to performance evaluation.

Machine learning algorithms:
It’s known that HR professionals receive bundles of resumes regularly. Machine learning
algorithms enable them to screen through these resumes and job applications swiftly and
effectively. These algorithms can analyse candidate qualifications, skills, and experiences
against predefined criteria set by the recruiter. This significantly reduces the time and
resources traditionally spent on manual resume screening. By automating the initial
screening process, recruiters can better focus their attention on engaging with the most
qualified candidates who meet the criteria set by them. The quality of talent acquisition
improves significantly due to AI.

Automate the scheduling of interviews:
Once the recruiter moves past the initial screening process, the next step is scheduling
interviews. Scheduling interviews can be a tremendous burden for recruiters, especially for
companies that have high-volume hiring needs. When scheduling becomes overly
complicated, it negatively impacts the candidate’s experience and the hiring process. AI-
driven solutions facilitate the automation of interview scheduling, a task infamous for its
time-consuming nature. AI-powered systems can communicate with candidates to
coordinate interview times based on availability, preferences, and organisational

Employee assessment:
Recruiters can set up AI algorithms and harness AI tools appropriately to analyze employee
performance data. It allows HR professionals to gain deeper and clearer visibility into
employee performance, potential, gaps, and areas of improvement. AI-driven assessment
tools can understand and examine data including performance metrics and feedback to
generate a comprehensive report of employee performance. The data generated through
these tools also enable HR teams to evaluate and modify their training process and tailor development plans. AI-powered performance reviews create projections based on the
long-term performance of the employee.

Eliminate personal biases:
It is not uncommon to let personal biases affect HR’s decision-making process. Unconscious biases can affect various lifecycles such as employment, promotion, and even
performance assessment. The use of AI technology limits human intervention during the
initial evaluation process. This minimises the likelihood of biases creeping into decision-making. By focusing on objective criteria and eliminating human biases, AI helps ensure
that decisions are based solely on candidates, qualifications, skills, and performance
resulting in fostering a more inclusive and diverse workplace culture.

The advancement of AI in Human Resources is creating a more equitable, efficient, and
inclusive workplace environment. While AI is revolutionising the HR process right from the
recruitment stage to the employee evaluation stage, AI should complement, rather than act
as a substitute for the personal touch in staffing and recruitment processes. Technology
and AI continue to evolve every day and we must learn to embrace their features in HR
Solutions in the permanent staffing industry.

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