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5 Ways To Empower Your Customer Support Team

A customer’s relationship with your business begins with a purchase and extends infinitely with your customer support. Their experience with your company is defined based on the efficiency of your customer service.

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As the world of business has moved towards customer-oriented strategies, the need for an efficient customer service department has increased multifold. When you place the customer at the center of your strategy, your focus heavily shifts on the experience you are providing rather than just the product/service. 

Since most businesses are competing in providing the best customer experience, the expectation of a customer from a business rollercoasters upwards. It can be extremely challenging for the customer support team to cope up with providing real-time solutions. 

Motivation and simplification of processes is one way to keep your support team motivated. Here is how you can empower them:  

5 Ways To Empower Your Customer Support Team

1. Sufficient Training

There is no shortcut or another way around the training of your support staff. A customer support team deals directly with human beings who can be very unpredictable and come with a variety of mindsets. It can get very confusing to understand how to deal with each of them as one script will not help every time. 

Be sure to provide sufficient training to your team on handling customer calls well and maintaining composure for each call. You can prepare a list of frequently faced issues or usual questions so the team is ready with an answer. Templates could be prepared for the same so the immediate response is generated. 

Train them in your company values, regulations and how to reach targets as per your company methods so they are well acquainted with your expectations. 

2. Avoid multitasking

 While engaging yourself in multiple tasks at one time may feel rewarding, your best productivity comes when you focus on only one task. To avoid the popular phrase “ Jack of all trades, master of none”, give your team members an aspect to specialize in. 

There can be stress scenarios when you are understaffed or workload has increased, assign tasks to support team based on priority. 

Encourage them to finish tasks before they jump onto the second one. This will help them process one task in their best capability and then move onto the next topic. 

3. Use advanced technology

To win the game, you have to participate in the game. Be updated with the latest technology that could help your customer support team provide the best customer experience. Along with being updated, upgrade to relevant technology like the Cloud. This will ease your process of call transfers, monitoring performance, and call recording. 

4. Automate Tasks and Use Tools

Try and make things as simple as you can with available tools. Automate tasks that are time-consuming and complex. Your customer support team will be better able to concentrate on work when redundant tasks are automated. 

Use tools that make internal and external communication easier such as live chatting with customers. This will give you more insight into how your customers are responding to your product or service. 

Co-browsing is also a great option where the sales representative can look into the web screen of the customer-facing a problem. The customer’s problem will be clearly communicated this way and easier to address for the customer support team. 

5. Remote working

With technological advancement, it has become possible for customer support to attend calls outside the office. Since data is stored and accessed on Cloud, the support team gets to use it anytime, anywhere. The software also allows team members to show if they are online or have stepped out for a break. LogMeIn’s Rescue is one such platform where remote working can happen with pleasant ease.

Empowering your customer support staff goes beyond technical advancements. You must also inculcate modern solutions and ideologies for support that are relevant in the industry at this point. You can explore different themes that could have good implications on your customer service by attending this webinar on “ How to Move Beyond NPS With 3 Components of Modern Support”. 

LogMeIn Rescue’s Ranjeet Mani (Solutions Consultant) dives into themes and strategies that could help your customer support team to meet the rising expectations of the customer. 

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