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Post-Lockdown Scenario: Has Technology Changed The Way We Do Business Forever?

As the country walks a very thin line between reviving the fallen economy and fighting a deadly virus at large, the lockdown has cultivated some new ways of doing things.

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The Centre and State Governments have together announced the extension of the lockdown till April 30th and have also prodded, along with India Inc, that a strategic, graded exit from the lockdown must be planned. The lockdown was initiated to flatten the curve of the ongoing pandemic COVID-19 that has taken over the world. Since the world is yet to find a vaccine or cure for this virus, a lockdown is helping them contain the virus. 

While this has meant that businesses are at standstill due to social distancing measures, it has shown an expected strain on the economy of the country. A continued lockdown would mean amplifying the strain further. Nevertheless, humans are quite productive and smart with their time and with technology to their aid, a lot of organisations have managed to stay afloat. 

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and with the lockdown now being extended more, it brings some interesting lifestyle changes that may change the way we do business forever. 

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Video calling, messaging and calling

Social distancing was a crucial criterion to help flatten the curve of the pandemic and that meant people are not allowed to meet each other in person. The virtual world became alive when the physical world lay down restrictions. Business meetings and communications were taken over by video calling, messaging platforms and calling. Even traditional companies that have never used these platforms are now on it and used to it. 

This can mean that travelling outside the country or within the country may not be as important anymore since it can be achieved through virtual conversations. Virtual conferencing may not be as effective as in-person interaction but one can’t avoid how convenient it proves to be. 

E-learning, e-governing, e-commerce

Schools and colleges are now taking their sessions online on video calling apps which have ensured anyone with a laptop will learn how to attend lectures online. It has also created more demand for existing online courses that are available to everyone. With more time on people’s hands, they are taking up new courses. Not just education, even governance has moved online by having their meetings on video calls and communicating with citizens through media. This time has also reduced resistance to shopping online for any product as more people are placing orders online rather than stepping out. 

Health Tech App downloads

The pandemic has instigated a fear among people and has also been a wake-up call for those avoiding their well being. People are downloading more health tech apps that help them become healthier and also seek health gadgets. Not just health tech, there are more app downloads now since people are relying on tech for everyday operations. 

More demand for 5G, AI and Virtual Reality

While there is already a heightened demand for 5G, AI and VR services, it is going to see an upsurge now more than ever. People are adapting to work from home model which would mean they need more bandwidth and better speed. As for AI, automating redundant tasks will be of great importance in times of crisis. Lastly, Virtual Reality has seen more acceptance during the lockdown and will be more in demand after it. 

Training for remote working

Taking into account the current crisis, organisations will ideally be making a contingent plan for such a situation in the future. There might be training programs and execution plans that will be given to employees so ‘work from home’ model can be easier. 

The world after lockdown…

The world is going to be different after the lockdown. Not just business but even the lifestyle and attitude of people towards things that have been taken for granted. The millennial generations would have helped out Gen X to become tech-savvy. Technology will be remembered for its major role during the lockdown and in fighting the pandemic. 

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