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Here’s How Technology Has Become A Part Of Our New Normal!

Humans have withdrawn into their homes and have shown up on the internet in vast numbers. Is technology a big part of the “new normal” concept during this lockdown and is it here to stay?

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India’s lockdown enters its 14th day today as the Prime Minister applauds the maturity shown by citizens during this hour of need. Other nations, too, have imposed a lockdown in hopes of flattening the curve of the virus spread. 

While the decision to positively lift the lockdown seems ambiguous, people seem to be adapting to staying home better than expected. The restriction is definitely causing physical and mental stress yet technology has made it slightly bearable to stay isolated. 

What most people are referring to as the “new normal” is the very existence of technology that people are now using to keep their daily operations going. Messaging applications, video conferencing, cloud infrastructure, and of course, the internet has made it possible for most of us to work from home. 

Apart from work, technology is also being used for personal activities such as socialising, learning, listening to music, streaming shows and movies, etc. This is a time where millennials have no option but to help out the older generation with their tech expertise!

We may not be seeing the sunlight but we are definitely seeing our phone’s blue light more! 

Here is how technology has become a big part of our normal lives: 

Digital payments and net banking

Going to a physical bank was already losing its charm since the introduction of net banking and UPI applications. However, during a pandemic, there is no other option than to manage money through these applications and websites.

Banks are very crucial for everyone since they keep your money and hence, all age groups would be onto the online platforms currently. This would mean that online banking will have a wider audience and become the “new normal” for banking activities even after the pandemic. 

Social media platforms 

Even those that aren’t active on social media will be seen using it during the lockdown. When a person is not too busy at work and is not able to meet up with friends, the only way to communicate is social media. The human psyche wants something more when they are told they can’t have it. Naturally, now that you aren’t allowed to people and go out, you actually want to do it. 

Big milestones and updates in people’s lives are now broadcasted through social media applications and that might become the new way to announce things even after the lockdown. Although social media already had that kind of impact before, it is expected to grow only more after this. 

Variety of apps

For your regular requirements, apps like Swiggy, Zomato, BigBasket, Dunzo, 1mg, etc would already be installed on your phones. For those that are fitness freaks, there has been an increase in downloads for various fitness apps and for any other hobby that people are keen on learning. 

Even after the lockdown ends, these apps are here to stay because they efficiently have helped you get through house arrest and continue with your daily activities. 

Online crowdfunding

We can never forget how hard our health workers are working to bring normalcy back to the country and treat everyone that is affected by the deadly virus. The country grapples with testing kits and resources and the citizens want to extend as much support as possible. 

Online funding has become a good option for people to contribute to causes and even after the lockdown, this option will help people reach out to distant areas that need help. 

Video calling 

As office meetings, school sessions and even family get-togethers have found solace in video calling apps, there is a high chance this might become the new normal. Senior professionals would have realised that there isn’t a need to travel every time now that video conferencing works just fine. The edtech sector was catching up to new mode of teaching already and with this push, it might grow only further. Families will connect with each other more after staying apart for so long. 

Video calling might actually become the “new normal” after the pandemic curbs since the concept was already being adopted in most divisions. 

Summing Up…

This is definitely a hard time for everyone and defining a new normal might see some resistance. Change is scary but it is also required. At such a time, most of us have turned to technology for help and even technology has risen to the occasion. The government is in works of a COVID-19 tracking app and the internet is bursting with information about the same. 

Hereafter, we can always be assured that in a time of crisis, we will always have technology to guide us through and maybe even help us out of a situation. 

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