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How To Maximise Internet Speed For Work While You Are Working From Home?

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As per reports, only 0.2% of IT staff are thriving at work from home. This is going to be a serious problem considering that the IT sector may have to be working from home for 4-5 months more. In fact, there have been industry talks on how they might include work from home as a clause in fresh contracts. By doing this, IT companies will be able to ensure there is minimal workforce onsite in the coming years as an effort to maintain social distancing for the longest time.

The nature of work in the IT sector is very easily manageable with a laptop and a good internet connection. This is where the problem might arise for employees- a good internet connection. While changing network provider and increasing internet package is one way to amp up internet speeds, there are some alternatives as well that don’t involve money. 

5 ways you can maximise your internet experience when working from home: 

Move closer to the router

This might seem silly but it is the best way to get rid of a spotty signal. By moving closer to the router, you can have an undisturbed internet connection for your call or video call. Along with this, you will also have a faster speed that will help you get work done quickly. 

Your router should be kept in open space

Don’t have your router connected in a closed up cupboard or behind a door. Keep it in an open area so there is no hurdle in receiving connection. You should also not have it placed in the corner of the house as it might reduce your chances of getting a signal in other rooms. Place it in the center of the house so the signal and radiate stronger and equally. 

Unplug devices you don’t need

Since you will be working from home, you won’t even realise the number of devices you have plugged into different sockets. Unplug the devices you don’t need especially when you have to get on an important call or assignment. Also, let go of all the old WiFi devices you own since they consume more network connection as compared to the new ones. 

Reduce bandwidth-hogging apps

Work from home model allows a little freedom to have some other activities working simultaneously while you are working. Listening to music on Youtube or Spotify, watching a movie in the background, downloading a movie or big document, and so on should be stopped if it is coming in the way of your assignments by hogging internet speeds. 

Update firmware

New-age routers have an automatic update for the firmware which solves problems faced with buggy devices and consequently improving internet speeds. If your router does not do it automatically, you will have to log in and get the update done manually. It can be found in the system settings or advanced settings. This will improve your internet speed significantly. 


Buffering on Youtube and Netflix is a hurdle that won’t cause much trouble but an office meeting can’t be compromised. While these are non-monetary ways of boosting your internet, you can try the monetary ways too. If the problem continues to persist then you must change your broadband provider or choose a different package. Work from home is here to stay and building your life around it would have you well prepared. 

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