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Startup ‘Edumarshal’ Relies On Cloud For A Multi-Tenant Architecture

Edumarshal is a Gateway to e-Campus. It has more than 4 years of expertise in the administration automation of schools/colleges/universities across the globe. Right from the tier 3 cities of India to the metropolitan cities of the globe, Edumarshal has been disrupting traditional modes of teaching.

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Edumarshal is the outcome of realisation to create a cloud-based seamless platform to connect all the stakeholders of the education industry e.g. students, parents, teachers, and administration staff. In its current state, it is an ERP for managing schools/colleges/universities, but its vision is to build a single platform and create a community-driven platform for connecting all the stakeholders in the education domain. It’s not only an ERP but an LMS (Learning Management System) as well.

How is Edumarshal striving to create a difference? Gaurav Kumar, Co-founder, Edumarshal tell us.

Has the pandemic helped in paving the way for deeming online education as the new normal?

Online education/teaching is going to be the new normal in the near future. This pandemic helped the adoption of technology among the teachers, staff members, and students. For example in the case of private tuition and coaching centers, the sheer scale on which they can operate is limitless. Tuition teachers have realised that there is a possibility of managing a batch of 150-200 students with the help of technology. This number is restricted to 40-50 students per batch in case a teacher is conducting a class that requires a physical presence. On the other hand, in the case of institutes/schools, it will be easier to push technology as the teachers and staff members will be more receptive to the usage of a learning management system and ERP.

What is the exclusiveness of your startup, that’s unique from other gigantic players in the market?
Other major players in this market are primarily catering to School/Institute’s ERP side of the things. ERP facilitates the automation of operations of an institute like Managing fee, examinations, Pre admissions, admissions, Hostel, Library etc. Edumarshal also caters to this. However, we at Edumarshal, have extended this offering to an integrated learning platform which provides the following:

– Trackable Content

– Content Curation Services

– Assessment

– Grading

– Integrated Live classes with the option of recording

– Creation of Lesson Plans

– Flip Books

– Interactive Videos

– Computer-based training

– Auto Assessment of Essay type questions

At the same time, we are also providing a default instance of a learning management system. This default instance has all the content of NCERT/CBSE books for all the grades. This is pre-loaded in the default instance with the trackable feature enabled. This default instance helps those schools which don’t have their own curated content and refer to only NCERT content.

What is Edumarshal’s technical route like?

Edumarshal is a cloud-based system with a multi-tenant architecture.

Do you think organisations savvier with technology would stay ahead of the curve than its competitors? If so, why?

Technology is the way forward. People in every sector who will be more adaptive to technology will definitely be ahead in race. Technology enables convenience, scalability, extensibility,  personalised experience, effectiveness, efficiency etc. So I do not foresee any major reason which restricts people not to adopt the technology.

The only folly I see is the penetration of the internet in remote areas which is a hindrance of sorts. But in the near future the way both center and state governments are investing in this sector with the participation of private players, I don’t see any reason why the technology will not be embraced.

You have acquainted us with Edumarshal’s pan India presence. Any plans on going international?

Our immediate goal is to go international with the product. We are working to figure out an arrangement of implementing Edumarshal in a couple of African countries especially in public schools and universities.

Long term vision is to provide 360-degree education technology products not just institutes/schools/colleges/universities but directly to students as well.

Can we look up to the edtech sector to provide a plethora of opportunities?

The Education sector will be a land of opportunities that will not only bring a suitable occasion for reaping benefits for Ed-Tech companies but also present a huge opportunity to serve the nation and humanity to enable education till the last mile, with the help of the technology.

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