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‘Technology’s Impact Can In No Way Be Negated’…

Says Sudhir Naidu, founder, Troop Messenger a platform offering utmost efficiency for smooth and easy to use corporate messaging tool having the backup of seamless UI and UX.

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What’s eyecatching about Troop Messenger is its it’s wide and special features like Screenshare, Burnout, Forkout, Orange member. This accounts  for easy texting and emailing at a single platform including features like respond later, flagging the important mail, docs and texts, 24 hours technical assistant for support.

Gairika Mitra delves deeper into understanding its functioning…

How do you think is the sector going to upsurge in the near future?

The need for a Team Collaboration and Business Chat sector were never felt before. There prevailed a fragmented market until Slack made its space felt, defining the market. Thus, we can say that this sector got recognised only a few years back. The market is still in its infancy and is yet to explore and gain momentum as it has impacted a very small section of the market. But in order to compete with the global market, the sector needs to be given close attention and according to my research, I see this sector to reach $100 billion markets by 2025.

What is the exclusiveness of your startup, that’s unique from other gigantic players in the market?

There are two factors which help us stand out from the rest in the market. One being the value proposition where our platform is abode to rich features that are made available at low and affordable price.

Troop Messenger comes in two different variants where one is a hosted and SaaS application while the other is self-hosted/ On-Premise. The latter helps in targeting large organisations and Governments for whom data ownership is a paramount requirement. We provide with both the variants which are difficult to find in the industry.

What is the latest mode of technology that you are catering to?

Our company Troop Messenger caters to filling the loop still existing in the professional front communication. We come with a solution that brings together the varied functionality in the office under the roof of a single platform. Not just this we also assist in reducing down the unnecessary manual labour with the help of our technology where the workers do not need to be overwhelmed with minute details like fixing meeting or reminders for any task. This accompanied with AWS hosted servers helps in a smooth and easy communication alongside uninterrupted work

How important do you think is it for people to rely on technology? Are there any major follies per se?

Considering that without much realizations, technology has slowly crept into our lives, it is evident that its impact cannot be negated. The lifestyle of the people has come ahead of a long way from just relying on electricity for convenience. Today technology has become an inevitable part of our lives which does not limit itself to the tech industry. Right from farmers who depend on it for rain forecast to the rocket scientist who reads the launch trajectory and even everyday household appliances have felt the presence of technology.

Moreover, under the government initiative, India is consciously shifting towards digitally aware population. Where the country has willingly adapted to technology for entertainment, it would be wrong to leave out the professional front. The widespread network of awareness has made people conscious of the code of conduct as well as authenticity for which they are now opting for official apps, which defines their credibility.

What are your immediate and longterm milestones like?

Our company has come ahead a long way by coping up with the challenges and resistances faced in any industry. We have ensured a fully functional, stable and secured application which is industry tested. And in catering to theses we have expanded our services to the US, Europe and Oceania who make up 90% of our paid clients. This helps in a better understanding that the clients see value in their investment for which they continue their dependence on the application.

Apart from this our application caters to different market segments. One being SaaS model which serves the small and medium organizations and another being On-premise for large enterprise and Governments.

All these factors have collectively helped us in creating our visibility in the market with a plethora of scope to always develop and grow in our endeavour. In order to take our company to new heights, we plan on increasing our client acquisition in the near future. When achieved this, we can move on to expand our company for which we will need to increase our revenue. Thus, there is a long way to go and we are laying building blocks to achieve our ultimate goal. Therefore, to take our company to new heights of success we intend to raise capital through series A funding.

Lastly, any word of advice for the wannapreneurs?

For all the aspiring entrepreneurs, I would like to suggest that motivation would be your driving force helping you to unleash the great potential within you. But here one needs to make a conscious decision of going after their passion as only this will be your camaraderie that will help in sustaining the hardships in the long run.

Secondly, be very careful while selecting your team as their shared aspirations will define your startup’s success or failure. Furthermore, be very considerate and acknowledging of your staff ensuring their development along with the company’s growth to retain hard working and loyal employees.

Next, you need to be patient, persistent and have faith in yourself which will help you sail through the hardships and uncertainties and reach the goal.

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