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uKnowva Adds Two Major Products to Its Extension Store; Updates 15 products in the Last 3 Months

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uKnowva, a 360-degree solution for businesses that helps automate manual work and increase productivity, recently came up with two major releases in its extension store. The extensions include the launch of an eLMS, a cloud-based learning management platform for employee training within companies, and eMudhra which allows employees to digitally sign documents generated in uKnowva and push them to the eMudhra portal for digital signature.

The best part about the eLMS is that it allows managers to optimise training activities and manage the company’s L&D (Learning and Development) functions. Some of the primary features of this extension include Course Authoring, Certifications, Reports/Analytics, Quiz Creation, User Management, Reusable Course Templates, Customised Learning Paths, and Track Employee Progress. On the other hand, with uKnowva’s eMudhra integration, once the documents are digitally signed, the application automatically pulls the signed version of the document and updates it back into the system.

Speaking of the latest additions to their extension store, Mr Vicky Jain, Co- Founder and CEO of uKnowva said “The need for faster delivery of products is increasing at an alarming rate. To stay in the competition, we have to deliver high-quality products at a fast rate. It is safe to say that with the advancement rate of tech, the future is looking quite tech-dependent. With the help of the latest tech, we are coming up with solutions to develop applications at a faster rate. This also includes fewer mistakes while developing and delivering fast solutions. Our main aim is to build solutions in less time using fewer development steps. Even though being consistent is difficult at times, we practice it regularly to improve the quality of work as well as speed up the process. This is also enhancing the client experience which in return is increasing the sales and strengthening our position in the market”.

Apart from its new releases in the extension store, uKnowva has also been updating its extension store on a regular basis over the last 3 months. Some of the latest updates include:

Happiness Meter

The happiness meter allows user to rate their day while punching in or punching out by choosing the emoticons displayed. If the user logs out without rating the day, the system asks to rate the previous day on the next punch-in. The compulsory rating of the day either on punch in or on punch out or on both can be manually managed from the configuration. The companies can get ready analytics and insights to investigate and measure employee happiness.

Meeting Room/Workstation Booking System

Workstation Booking system enables you to create multiple meeting rooms and workstations for your organization. All employees can then pre-book meeting rooms/workstations as per availability, they can also share them with other employees. This app is very helpful in managing the Hybrid workspace where you would have people come to the office on a rotational basis You can also set access control as to which all user groups shall have access to book rooms. You can also define meeting room admins who shall have explicit rights to add/edit/delete meeting rooms and also change booking in case of urgency. This application is also bundled with a plugin that adds the meetings to your uKnowva calendar.

WFH / WFO Tracker

uKnowva WFH / WFO tracker monitors the workforce’s work location and intelligently daily summarises a report that tracks the work location. Its features include Remote Workforce Management, Employee Monitoring, Employee Work Location Monitoring and Detailed Work Reports.

Helpdesk/ Support ticketing System

uKnowa Support offers simplified and streamlined customer service that delivers fast, effective, and measurable support. It helps to organize the customer query process and saves time.

Timesheet/Utilization Tracking

uKnowva’s timesheet management tool allows you to track the productive work hours of your employees.

It helps you in tracking billable time to charge customers and assessing if the result is worth the input with efficient time tracking, reports, and billing.

It will automate all reminders and emails while assisting you to understand the exact time spent on individual activities with derivative reports and logs.

uKnowva Timesheets appeals to all-size organisations, looking to manage their employees’ time more efficiently. The tool helps to get a comprehensive overview of every minute spent at work.

uKnoWall (Firewall)

uKnoWall is a firewall introduced by the uKnowva Team of Convergence Services exclusively for uKnowva. Use it to block or give exclusive access to individual IPs or all IPs from particular countries. Its unique feature is that it runs at the application level, i.e., you can use it to block or give access to particular applications in uKnowva. An added advantage is that you don’t need to spend extra on a firewall for your system. You can use uKnoWall as your system firewall as well.

Vendor/Manpower Tracking System

uKnwova’s Channel Manpower Tracking System is a complete solution to track the applications of executives and vendors who have joined/resigned/been terminated or are about to join your company.

Policy Acknowledgement

The Policy Acknowledgement plugin simplifies the process by notifying employees about new or updated policies, as well as managing their sign-offs and acknowledgments of those policies.

Turbohire Integration

Turbohire Integration plugin acts as a bridge between uKnowva’s recruitment engine/Application tracking system and Turbo Hire. It pushes all CVs to TurboHire for analysis; it also helps managers spot the right talent and syncs them with the status of the candidate in uKnowva’s recruitment engine and vice versa.

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