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RPA has saved 700 hours of efforts per day across processes: Hardayal Prasad, MD & CEO, SBI Card

Having already deployed RPA for customer services and operations functions, SBI Card is looking at extending it to other functions such as finance, HR and IT as well in the coming months

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SBI Card has always been at the forefront of adopting latest technological innovations to improve internal business processes and enhance overall customer experience. In fact, technology is one of the key pillars that has driven our fast paced growth over the last few years. Deployment of RPA has been one of the major technological integrations at SBI Card. The company started its journey with RPA with Customer Services function viz ‘Transaction Dispute Follow-up process’. After witnessing significant benefits such as reduction in human errors, increased process efficiency and enhanced customer experience through early action and process re-engineering, SBI Card extended the platform to other processes as well.

Hardayal Prasad, MD & CEO, SBI Card, says, “We have already integrated RPA platform with eight business processes spanning across customer service and operations departments. Our largest automation process is churning out approximately 600 transactions per day while working 24×7 and we have deployed eight bots for the same. The automation includes basic analysis of the customer dispute while checking for various business conditions and following up with the customers over mails for the required documents.”

How RPA has resolved a transaction dispute process
Transaction Dispute Follow-up process is a sub-process under Chargeback process for disputed transactions. Under this sub-process, when a customer raises a dispute for any transaction, a proper classification of the dispute is conducted as per the defined process and the follow up mails are sent to the customer requesting for the relevant documents based on the nature of dispute. Before the adoption of RPA, if a customer had raised a dispute for more than one transactions simultaneously, then separate emails were sent to him/her manually by SBI Card for each of the disputed transactions. This created multiple layers of communication, which became cumbersome for the customers.

Post implementation of RPA at SBI Card, all the manual activities under the Transaction Dispute Follow-up process have been taken over by the bots. Introduction of process re-engineering has enabled consolidation of all related disputes in one email which is then sent to the customer. It was not possible with the manual process earlier. This has significantly simplified the communication process for the customer, making it hassle free and has further enhanced consumer experience.

“At SBI Card, we have witnessed significant impact on the productivity of processes where RPA has been deployed. We have been able to save approximately 700 hours of efforts per day across processes. It has also helped us in standardisation of the processes through elimination of human dependencies and errors. Moreover, it has increased output leading to faster response time to customers, thereby, reducing pending case pipeline. This has definitely enhanced the experience for SBI Card customers. At the internal front, RPA has enabled employees to focus on value-add activities rather than mundane ones and increased overall employee satisfaction,” says Prasad.

As of now, SBI Card has deployed RPA for customer services and operations functions and are looking at extending it to other functions such as finance, HR and IT as well in the coming months. “Our roadmap includes extending the automation into cognitive areas where basic decision making will also be done by the bots and currently, we are working towards it,” adds Prasad.

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