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The many benefits of Cyber Security Policy 2020

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By Prathamesh Sonsurkar

We are living one’s life (professional and personal) online. While the internet has made life easier, it also has brought its fair share of issues which if ignored, could prove to be too costly. One such issue is data which is anything that is shared online and is vital for you. And in internet language, data is the gold of the future. Why gold? Because this data can be the very essence to those seeking information used for any particular work. The amount of useful details that this data can provide is astounding.

Prathamesh Sonsurkar, Founder, Whitehack OPC

And yet, this is one area in which most neglect or just do not give importance. For both public and private sector companies, data protection and its inherent protection budget is not worth the attention. The attention given to it is appalling. Even more appalling is the lack of proper approach execution with regards Information Security. This is done for saving money. But all these tactics fail to cover the latent damage it might cause now and in future.

India is a major global IT player, and internet penetration and usage for professional and personal purpose is also huge. According to a DSCI report of 2016-18, Indian digital economy (15 per cent at present) will grow up to 20 per cent by 2024. This can lead to large cyber attacks, hence there is a need for an integrated nationalised plan to control rates and protect overall cyberspace.

In this light, we need to focus on Cyber Security Policy (to be implemented in 2020). The most beneficial policy for everyone right from citizens to businesses, India becomes cyber-safe with its execution. In internet safety, the things it covers are critical infrastructure including data in public and private sector. A harmonious bringing together between these two sectors can be created. This co-ordination is the most vital for internet safety, apart from better co-ordination between ministries looking into myriad sides of cybersecurity, important infrastructure safety and partnership between the two sectors. To quote Rajesh Pant, National Cyber Security Co-Ordinator, the policy will set the best cybersecurity principles for businesses which in turn, provide a safe situation for all citizens.

Worldwide, even countries like Israel allocate approx. 20 million US dollar for cybersecurity. Looking at its growing importance, India needs to look into it.

Of course, data mining companies will be in a tight spot who up till now, never paid taxes for it. Once the policy comes into the picture, taxes obtained from them on data control and flow becomes an income for the government. That is why the policy will change the scenario.

These are among the benefits this policy:
* Overall security: Private IT sector companies should make compulsory security policy while dealing with online customers using their platform. Though not a cheap service, the citizens using these platforms deserve it.

* Helping economy: This policy will make India a 5 trillion US dollar economy. It will be a good way to earn from the data mining companies with taxes. Since data mining means business growth, making it a money-making prospect is a bright idea, along with improving cybersecurity.

Apart from the taxes, this policy will secure our citizens’ cyber world and create a protected online environment for IT companies who in turn, will make the citizen’s cyber world secure. Further, cyber threats can be curbed better by making it tough for hackers. The policy will boost critical defense infrastructures and make them at par with global safety measures.

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  1. Akshata Sharma says

    The global Aviation Cyber Security Market is projected to grow from USD 39.59 Billion in 2015 to USD 61.85 Billion by 2020

    Key Target Audience:
    Cyber Security Service and Solution Providers
    Airlines and Airports
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  2. Jenny Campbell says

    Thanks, Prathamesh…
    I completely agree with the fact that efforts should be made at every level including government resolutions to deal with cyber threats.
    The internet has several applications in modern human civilization and thus considered as the backbone of our civilization.
    However, it also acts as a medium of a data breach that is used by cyber-criminals to get access to classified information.

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