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Cost-effective data visualisation helping SMBs

Visualr is a data analytics platform, which helps in quick decision-making. Kunal Chaturvedi, CEO, Visualr, explains how his company is helping end-users, from startups to MSMEs to large enterprises, with real-time dashboards and dynamic reports

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The self-service Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualisation market is currently valued at US$ 4+ billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15 per cent, to reach US$ 7+ billion by the end of 2021. StepOut Solutions is a Delhi-based startup that offers, Visualr, a data visualisation tool and a range of related services. “We started StepOut Solutions in 2012 with web data analytics as our primary services. In late 2014, we began the development of Visualr and launched it in the competitive market in early 2017. With clients from various industries like insurance, manufacturing, FMCG, healthcare, and many more, Visualr is continuously making impact with data driven culture in any organisation. As of 2018, Huddle came on board as an incubator and enabler towards the goals we have set,” says Kunal Chaturvedi, CEO, Visualr, adding that as part of Huddle’s mentor base, and model of a dedicated mentor working with each of its portfolio companies, Subinder Khurana, who is an active mentor, and experienced entrepreneur, mentors and advises the Visualr team.

Kunal Chaturvedi, CEO, Visualr

Visualr can connect to any structured database and create visual charts in the form of real-time dashboard, dynamic reports, etc. It follows “data first” approach implantation at every level in any organisation. With on-cloud and on-premises configuration availability, Visualr provides solutions for all data visualisation requirements. Creating visual analytics without making data travel from the database to the external data engine, maintaining the sanity of data. “Visualr is for all but our target audience are the SMBs who have huge data sets but are unable to leverage the potential of the same because of complex and costly Business Intelligence solutions available,” states Chaturvedi. A cost effective platform like Visualr allows SMBs to adopt data driven culture without any major changes in their existing infrastructure.

Product highlights:

  • Visualr helps in designing custom dashboards and creates interactive and informative reports to facilitate easy and quick decision making.
  • Visualr comes in four different versions- Lite, Desktop, Server and Cloud.
  • The Lite version comes free of charge and is meant for micro business, home purpose or students. It supports datasets that are lower than 10,000 rows in size. Lite offers comprehensive range of features and is available to users for instant download.
  • The Desktop version provides visibility across the dataset, identifying patterns and discovering insights. Void of any high technical specification, this version enables the users to quickly learn and retrieve enhanced data visualisation swiftly across data with millions of rows and numbers of terabyte in volume.
  • Apart from rendering all the specifications and features offered by Visualr Desktop, the highly robust Server version also provides seamless connectivity across various departments in an organization. It enables data resources to be shared, manipulated and collaborated on a single network.
  • The recently released Cloud version ‘Visualr Cube’ gives an added advantage of establishing a smooth connectivity within the organization or outside. Powered with the potential of cloud, this tool enables the user to share the dashboard and StepOut Solutions Private Limited understand the arithmetic in real time. The company also plans to roll out the web version of Visualr for the clients to access the range of features and functionalities right from the web browser around the globe.

Rather than creating a product and selling it in market, Chaturvedi believes in focusing on the market requirements. “By satisfying maximum market requirements, we are continuously enhancing Visualr with feedback and inputs from clients/users. At Visualr, we are working on the principle of ease of use and we achieve this by continuous innovation,” he mentions. He believes that as technology is rapidly evolving, we should focus on how to solve a real problem rather than adopting a new technology. “Relying on the concept of Frugal Engineering, we are focusing on continuous innovation and helping the ecosystem to create a better living world,” he affirms.

Along with creating its footprint on a pan India level, the company is planning to expand in APAC region in the near future, which, reminds Chaturvedi, is a similar to the Indian market.


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