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Fortified against data breach & fraud

One of India's few cybersecurity startups to go global, Uniken with offices in India, Israel and the US, delivers a customer-centric platform to its clients, which eliminates all possibilities of data breach, fraud and financial loss

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Uniken is an innovative and disruptive cyber security company that is focused on helping its customers lock down every major vector of fraud and breach. “We founded Uniken to provide a way for corporations to solve one of the weakest links in data security – the digital networks that connect and authenticate the enterprise to partners, customers and employees – and to protect businesses from costly security breaches,” says Bimal Gandhi, CEO, Uniken. The company’s core product REL-ID, provides a safe, simple, and scalable security platform that tightly integrates identity, authentication, and channel security. “This secure, private internet allows enterprises to create layers of protection across multiple touch points in a highly scalable way,”  he adds.

Bimal Gandhi, CEO, Uniken

Uniken’s REL-ID is a groundbreaking defense-in-depth mobile solution that puts its customers own mobile app at the center of their omnichannel security model. REL-ID effectively protects customers, enterprises and the entire ecosystem from a wide variety of risks such as identity attacks, device attacks and network attacks. The company has handled more than 2 billion interactions till date and there has not been even a single case of stolen identity, data breach or financial loss.

“By bringing together strong authentication, channel security, endpoint threat detection, and transaction verification into one seamless platform – REL-ID delivers bulletproof security with a phenomenal customer experience for mobile, online, and omnichannel use cases,” states Gandhi, asserting that their best credential is zero fraud, zero identities stolen, zero financial loss, and of course zero data loss.

Uniken is among the very few India based cybersecurity companies to go global. A few key pointers:

i) It is a well funded global security startup with India roots

ii) Serves 14 of the top 20 banks/financial institutions in the country

iii) Unified defense in depth is the main mantra

iv) Zero fraud track record to date

v) Over 40 large implementations

The target clientele are enterprises, especially in the BFSI sector, who have the need for expanding their business digitally without compromising on the security. Gandhi points out that Uniken’s REL-ID platform provides the infrastructure for companies to connect their digital clients to their products and services safely and securely, all while enabling an amazing customer experience. “With our solution a number of the typical security techniques such as re-prompting to enter passwords become obsolete,” he adds.

Also, rather than buying multiple technologies to build a secure enterprise framework, Uniken’s REL-ID platform offers all features in a single solution with simple integration steps to keep the cost of ownership low.

Pune is Uniken’s center of engineering and innovation for all global customers. Gandhi mentions with pride that Gartner, Forrester and IAM (Identity Access Management) have together validated Uniken technology vis-a-vis innovation. “We are constantly improving our products. Over the next two quarters we will be enhancing our transactional authentication solutions to support any type of biometric. We have the best ML based engine to thwart mobile endpoint attacks,” he says.

In the next three years Gandhi expects Uniken to be recognised as the industry standard in the identity authentication/secure channel space having developed and successfully marketed a fundamentally groundbreaking platform. “We see Uniken continuing to grow and become a true leader in the space – we are not out for incremental change or success – we believe we are the future of security,” asserts Gandhi.

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