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Empower Yourself With These 6 Skills During This Lockdown!

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While the lockdown and COVID-19 fear came at an unprecedented time, it could not be a more opportune time to do everything you wanted to but couldn’t! All those times you caught yourself saying- “I should learn this”, this is your time to go ahead and actually learn it. If your skill involves outdoor activity, then I urge you not to take it up at the moment. However, if you are just looking at finding a new skill you can learn during the lockdown, this article is for you. 

Even top company heads are suggesting employees take up a new hobby or learn a new skill with this time in hand. How does one learn a new skill while staying at home? Online classes, of course! 

Here are some skills you could acquire online!

A new language

This might be something that almost everyone would have suggested but do you know why? Apart from social communication, a new language will make you an active listener, flex your cognitive capabilities and help you grasp new concepts better. It is refreshing and fun to learn a new language and today, you have apps that help you learn it. 

Duolingo is one such app that will help you learn a language from the very basics. There is also Busuu and italki where you can learn languages online. 


For all IT employees, this may not be applicable but you could definitely use this advance your existing skills. For anyone who is new to coding, you could begin online classes at Code Academy where there will be a step-by-step instruction to guide you through. 


There are going to be times when you are out of ‘good’ grocery and will have to make something out the leftover grocery. This is when you can google recipes online and get creative with cooking. Now that you will be regularly cooking, the habit will stick even once you are back to work!

Working out

Even though you are restricted to step out of the house, some form of physical exercise is a must. Using this time to better your health and keep yourself motivated, you can try a home workout. There are many online tutorials that you can easily find to guide you through a home workout. 

Active Listening

Apart from hobbies, you could also use this time to better your soft skills that are causing trouble at work. Since you are communicating with your colleagues virtually, you will be putting in extra effort at listening to each word they are saying. This same habit if you practice even in normal conversations, you’ll be an active listener. 

Listening is a sacred skill that will help you in professional as well as your personal life. 

Expanding your network

Every employee will benefit from having a wider network and what better time than now to expand it. Face to face interactions can never be replaced by virtual interactions but staying in touch and checking up on people during this time will not only build a long-lasting connection, but it will also make you feel better. Human interaction is very important for a person’s happiness. 


These may be trying times but use it to your highest advantage. Focus all your energy into productivity and you’ll be surprised to see how fast this time will pass. Moreover, you’ll have grown yourself with a new skill up your sleeve!


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