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Innovative video tech improves learning outcomes

Edtech startup ONVU Learning is helping teachers in schools, universities, and government institutions make lessons more effective with the use of innovative technology, including video analytics and artificial intelligence

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Headquartered in London, with international offices in Noida and Massachusetts, ONVU Learning makes learning more understandable and enjoyable in classrooms with the help of unique video technology and teaching practices.

Abhishek Kumar, Regional Director, South Asia, Onvu Tech, Onvu Learning

The edtech startup is a subsidiary of ONVU Technologies. “We leverage avant-garde technologies and pedagogical approaches to improve a teacher’s classroom coaching, skillset, and, as a direct result, the overall career progression as well. While having a data-focused attitude, we have developed, refined, and aligned multiple technologies in order for them to an integral role in defining the learning environments of the future,” says Abhishek Kumar, Regional Director, South Asia, Onvu Tech, Onvu Learning, adding that their cutting-edge platform is leveraged by many schools, universities, and government and education consultants across the globe. To name a few – The Doon School (India), Aston University Engineering Academy (UK); The Hereford Academy (UK); Shavington School (UK).

The company’s key tech product for education instititions is Lessonvu, an effective learning observation solution that is deployed within classrooms. The non-intrusive classroom solution captures the 360 degree view of a class including both the lesson being taught as well as the response of students. “Further assisted by video analytics and artificial intelligence technology, Lessonvu enables teachers to gather valuable insights from their classes which directly enhances their training through reviews, self-reflection, and tech-driven analytics. Since the solution is non-intrusive, it further eliminates the scope of Hawthorne Effect – or changed behaviours while being observed – on both students and teachers,” explains Kumar.

The technology goes a long way in improving learning outcomes. According to Kumar students experience result improvement as a teacher can easily identify their unique challenges including subject- or concept-related doubts and learning problems. Further, Lessonvu also makes all lessons available over the cloud, so students are able to peruse it remotely, helping them attend a missed class or during revisions.

The advantages for educational institutions are many. Kumar points out that the biggest USP of an institution is neither its brick-and-mortar infrastructure, nor the number of amenities, it is the quality of teaching that matters the most for students and their parents. “In this context, all teachers play a very pivotal role in the institute. So, Lessonvu directly enhances the USP of schools and colleges by constantly improving the quality of teachers they have. This applies to all subjects and classes that come under the ambit of Lessonvu. Secondly, thanks to the previous point, the collective score of the institute improves and not just of a single class or a teacher. This makes the school or college more competitive vis-à-vis other market players. Thirdly, and most importantly, the sheer value that the solution adds for a teacher makes it more compelling for others in the region. So, it is relatively easier to attract the top talent available around,” he states.

In India the company is primarily targeting top schools. “ONVU Learning is also in talks with several higher education institutes and will be rolling out our solution,” he says, adding that being a rapidly digitising nation there are not many challenges in terms of tech adoption in India. “All stakeholders with whom we’ve had an engagement are reasonably welcoming, especially given the Lessonvu solution adds a tangible value for them,” he remarks.

For an edtech company that believes in solving customer problems through cutting-edge technology, ONVU Learning has a robust roadmap for future upgradations on product innovation. Geographically, it will expand to other South Asian nations after establishing its product in the Indian market.

Case Study : The Doon School
The Doon School, an eminent boarding school for boys aged 12 to 18 years, deployed ONVU Learning as part of its academic program. The solution enabled teachers to not only visualise the entire class from different angles, but also to check whether or not a student or a group of students is engaged throughout.

The non-intrusive and AI-driven solution, moreover, enables them to check everything, from questioning to positioning and even gestures to ensure that their training delivers optimal results. In fact, The Doon School teachers, including Manu Mehrotra and Gyaneshwaran Gomathinayagam (who teach Mathematics and Physics respectively), were delighted with the results as it helped them with superior results.

It empowered them to leverage different pedagogical training modules and class management techniques to achieve the optimal results.

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