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‘Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser’ By DRDO And Riot Labz Brings Perspective To Automation Future

DRDO collaborates with Riot Labz (Smart Oakter Homes) to build an automatic mist based sanitiser. Express Computer interviews Founder and CEO of Riot Labz to get more perspective on the product and the future of workplaces.

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As we enter Lockdown 4.0, a lot of businesses will now be allowed to re-open and begin operations. The one thing that these businesses will have to ensure is a higher standard of safety and security at the workplace. Government organisations resumed operations a while back and have also adhered to essential safety protocols. 

An automatic mist based sanitiser dispensing unit is one product that has been installed in the Ministry of Finance, Supreme Court, PSA Office, Ministry of Textile, Ministry of Housing and urban affairs, etc. 

This sanitiser dispenser is called Oakmist and is developed by DRDO in collaboration with Riot Labz (Oakter Smart Homes). Express Computer’s Radhika Udas gets in conversation with Shishir Gupta, Founder and CEO at Riot Labz about the product, the technologies used and the future of automation. 

Shishir Gupta explains that Oakmist is a touchless sanitizer dispenser. It automatically detects the presence of hands placed below it and dispenses of a mist spray of liquid hand rub sanitizer. This sanitizes the hands with minimum wastage & optimized flow to cover the complete hand in minimum time. Oakmist also comes with an advanced mobile app. The app connects oakmist to mobile’s internet and gives ability for user to choose the mode of operation. There are two modes –

  1.  The spray happens whenever the hand is brought below Oakmist and a fixed amount of sanitizer as per WHO guideline is sprayed on the hands. 
  2.  The spray happens whenever the hand is brought below Oakmist and stops when the hand is removed

He further adds that DRDO provided Riot Labz with an overall design concept, mist technology and also instructed that mobile app shall be provided for better user experience. 

Sanjeev Joshi, Technology advisor to DRDO’s Chairman
Sanjeev Joshi, Technology advisor to DRDO’s Chairman

Commenting on the same, Technology advisor to DRDO’s Chairman, Sanjeev Joshi says, “Oakmist is developed by CFEES, DRDO and manufactured by Riot Labz. It provides the hand sanitization as per WHO guidelines. It removes the need of a dedicated person at the entrance of the building to manually provide the sanitizer to each and every person entering the building.”

What were the technologies used to create this sanitiser? 

  1. A) Water mist aerator technology, which was developed by CFEES lab of DRDO for water conservation.
  2. B) Ultrasonic sensor technology which was developed by RIOT labz for another product
  3. C) IoT technology for mobile app development and connecting it to Oakmist.

The company claims to have witnessed good results so far with the device being installed in almost all government premises including PM’s Office. It is being used in government and private hospitals as well. Currently, the company is manufacturing more than 1000 products per day and scaling production as per instructions by DRDO. 

Future of IoT devices and automation

Riot Labz specialises in internet-connected smart devices and they now see these products becoming more relevant and essential during the pandemic. “ Voice control of room products are seeing strong traction in premium 5 star hotels. Many hotels are planning to implement in their hotels as soon as lockdown opens up so that they can offer touch-free control of all devices in their rooms. Our products like Oakremote and Tankbolt have seen 37% increase in daily usage since people are staying at home. We are sure similar trend is being seen by all internet connected devices,” highlights Shishir Gupta. 

When asked about the future of automation now that most businesses are considering to automate tasks in order to comply with the social distancing norms, Shirshir says- “ I think, automation will see growth in next 5 years which we have not seen in last 50 years. The factories will get automated on large scale. Devices like dishwasher and automatic floor cleaners will become a norm in every household even in India.”

He points out that devices like Oakmist which didn’t even existed 3 weeks ago will be seen in more than 10M offices & other commerical establishements worldwide within the next 6 months. And finally says, “AI-based automation will increasingly take smart decisions to work in background. Automation will be an integral part of the new normal.”

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