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Host A Webinar Your Audience Will Remember

Expertise, eloquence and technology are extremely important for business persons who wish to host a webinar live or on demand.

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Marketing is not an easy job and especially not when you have constant evolution of technology and techniques to stay updated on. The old school seminars which are still a big hit in marketing are making its way to the new apparatus of communication- digital media. ‘Webinars’ are the newest and one of the most effective ways of fueling your goodwill and showcasing expertise. 

This post is for lazy marketers who can use this blog to their maximum advantage in making their hosting of webinars a success!

Why Should You Host A Webinar?

Webinars Are Less Effort

There is a reason this is the first benefit listed because efficiency is something every organisation thrives on. The value of your content reaches the audience when it is ‘convenient’ for them to access it and use it. 

Here, the convenience is for both: Your audience and you. You can provide on-demand webinars which can be easily recorded and used later. Your audience gets access to them whenever they want, without location constraints. 

It is cost effective because most times these webinars are free or don’t have big overhead marketing expenses.

Webinars Build Content Authority

When you host a webinar, your company value rises higher as you are providing quality content and displaying expertise in the topic. A webinar gives your brand a human face and presents itself as a representative. The audience goes through your content library and is convinced about your knowledge in the related field. 

Webinars Are Useful for Educational Purposes

Since your webinar will be covering various aspects of the topic in detail, it becomes a great resource for those wanting to learn. For people seeking training in the same field, they will refer to your webinar for learning techniques and improving performance. 

A live seminar gives the option of real time Q&A session which clears doubts in real time. This also lets the feedback come in immediately. 

Webinars Bring Quality Leads

Your webinar topic will be specific and detailed; hence, it will attract an audience genuinely interested in the subject. The sign-up forms at the end of your webinar will help you get lead information. 

Webinars Increase and Promote Brand Image 

Your brand will have a great virtual presence with a webinar as you will be speaking of a topic that interests the audience and brings them to your brand. The biggest advantage here is that you can either hard sell your product or position yourself in your industry for people to notice. When you get an expert panel, they come with a credibility of their own which you can leverage on for your brand image. 

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When Should You Host A Webinar?

Before we tread on how you should host a successful webinar, it’s important to ascertain when you should host one. Getting the “when” right will save you a lot of time and effort. Webinars are sure affordable and convenient but they are absolutely nothing without good content. You need to give value to your customer and you can do that through a webinar when: 

  • You believe you can host a healthy, thought provoking Q&A session
  • You are able to provide a simplified explanation to a complex topic
  • You want to interact with your audience and prospective business clients
  • You are providing collaborated content with your partners or associates
  • You have managed to get experts on board for a discussion

Webinars can be challenging when you are doing it for the first time or when you are expecting a huge audience. It can become overwhelming to anticipate RSVP and technical glitches at the time of the event. The only way to overcome this is to be actually prepared

How do you prepare? Check out this webinar on: 

The Big Book of Webinar Stats 2019 – A Lazy Marketers’ Guide to Runaway Webinar Success by Inigo Pravin A, Business Unit Head – Communications & Collaboration, India – LogMeIn

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