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5 Ways Businesses Ensure Cybersecurity During COVID-19

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There has been a new WhatsApp scam where users have been convinced to give their verification codes by an account that is pretending to be the WhatsApp technical team. The fake account has been using WhatsApp’s logo to be more convincing of its credibility. This is not the first time WhatsApp has faced hacker issues. A while back, Pegasus spyware was found to be snooping on WhatsApp messages on activists and journalists. 

However, the pandemic outbreak has been tough for most internet backed applications and websites. People’s vulnerability and forceful transition to digital tools have been an unfortunate opportunity for cybercriminals. Video conferencing apps, mail suites, mobile apps, etc have been victim to many scams and phishing attacks this year. For businesses that have moved to work from home culture, security needs to be a top priority. 

5 ways businesses can ensure cybersecurity during the lockdown: 

Create a security-driven culture

For any threat to be defeated, both psychological and physical factors need to be used. Even in the world’s fight against COVID-19, a more positive attitude will help a person’s immunity to fight the virus. Similarly, to avoid the threat of cyberattacks, a company needs to explain to its employees how they can manage their device security. Make it a practice to follow all the basic rules that keep your confidential resources safe. 

Anti-Virus Software and Back-Up Hardware

One of the first things your employees’ devices should have is an anti-virus software that looks after any malware trying to disrupt operations. The second thing to teach your employees is to back-up every single file as soon as it is completed. If they learn to back up on a regular basis then there won’t be a sudden loss of data in case of a cyber attack. 

Good Passwords

The whole concept of a password hangs on the idea of the security of confidential data. The way your employee sets a password explains how serious they are about security. Make them understand the repercussions of their neglect and encourage them to set a good password that includes all kinds of cases. 

Pay attention to detail

There is nothing unimportant when it comes to anything related to office work. No matter how irrelevant or old the content might seem to an employee, they must ensure it is executed properly. By execution we mean, it should be encrypted and password protected until the very end. Pay very careful attention to all the small details and files that your organisation possesses. These files may have some sensitive information that you can’t recollect or find harmless. 

What to do when attacked

There should always be a contingency plan. Despite taking all kinds of security measures, there will always be a possibility of an attack. Train your staff to know what they have to do in case they find themselves in these situations. Have a dry run in the office that tells them exactly what to do to minimise the risk and how to act when they are between a malware attack. This might save you a lot of data if there is quick presence of mind. An example of this could be security freeze of your accounts if they notice suspicious activities. 

Summing Up…

These are already tough times, so planning for contingencies would be good for your business. The world is going to see a definite shift to digital post-COVID-19 which means its a new set of challenges. Digital security is one such challenge and if you stay prepared, you will combat it easily. 

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