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Immersive AR & VR solutions redefining training and learning across industries

Chennai headquartered tech startup TNQ InGage has completed 500 + projects leveraging the impressiveness of AR, VR, and IoT technologies, to redefine the way people train, learn, and work across sectors like manufacturing, construction and healthcare

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TNQ InGage develops immersive technology solutions using Augmented and Virtual Reality for experiential training and education, product visualisation, and prototyping. The tech startup is headquartered in Chennai, with sales presence in the UK and Germany. “Our endeavours began in the year 2012, when we sensed the need of a medium that could make a difference to its users. We strive to leverage the benefits of AR, VR and IoT to make a socially meaningful impact on the way people train, learn, and work across industries,” says Vijay Karunakaran, CEO, TNQ InGage.

Vijay Karunakaran, CEO, TNQ InGage

The startup has completed more than 500 projects, served 250 + customers, and created more than 50 million AR/VR experience views. “Early this year, we have joined hands with TNQ Technologies. This partnership with the Chennai-based publishing technology company will help us in providing our customers with a more enriching and productive experience through our immersive technology portfolios at a global level. The partnership will drive focused effort in product R&D and scaling of the current service business at a global level,” informs Karunakaran.

Future plans include developing their own range of AR/VR products and penetration into the global market, which includes the world of book-publishing. “Our current operations outside India are based at the United States, Singapore, Dubai, and the United Kingdom,” he says.

The client-base for the company has leading names like Larsen & Turbo, Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Saint-Gobain, among others. “We cater to various industrial sectors, which includes manufacturing, construction, and healthcare,” points out Karunakaran.

The scope of services, among various others, are:

* Experiential training and education, which transforms the way people learn. Karunakaran asks why companies should provide their employees with an operating manual when they can perform the operations instead. “That’s what immersive solutions does; it takes the viewer to the very context of learning. And yes, experience makes a man perfect. There is no question on the efficiency of people, but sound performance results from sound training, and it begs the question how effective traditional training is in this regard,” he asserts.

* Industrial safety training and product visualisation, which has proven to make workers much more compliant with safety needs. Reminding that practical training is very expensive and can be risky, Karunakaran states that it is impractical to expect people to not fall prey to accidental scenarios when they are training in dangerous work sites like construction, oil & gas fields, and even healthcare. “And yet, nothing could ensure safety as a thorough training experience, which is provided by this technology. People can now understand the consequences of not being compliant with safety needs through compelling immersive contents. Again, they won’t be shown a video demonstration, but realistic experiences that caters to the very senses,” he adds.

* Maintenance, prototyping and field services makes the tasks of the customers easier as engaging content is created through state-of-the-art realistic experiences, meant for specialists to gain access to real-time data, guidance and remote intervention.

* Digital Experience Centres are a valuable resource for company-wide workshops and employee onboarding. “These are conceptualized to present a creative blend of state-of-the-art AV, paired with trained facilitators and researchers. We create a hands-on, experiential space that facilitates customers, employees, and trainees to actively work with these technologies,” says Karunakaran.

The focus of innovation is developing cutting-edge solutions using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and integration with innovative IoT products. “We create customised ideas for our clients and develop the same for them. We also work with their ideas and implement the same for them, in a manner that is cost-efficient and productive,” he mentions.

Pointing out that we are now at the brink of an industrial revolution, and the prospects for 5G adoption look bright, he believes that this will help IoT gain traction at both consumer and enterprise levels. “Through HCI (Human-Computer Interaction), we will soon experience a time where the objects in our environment can interact with both each other and humans, through networks supported by interfaces,” affirms Karunakaran.

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