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Post-lockdown: These AI Tools Will Help Your Business Stay Safe Even After Lockdown

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With the lockdown being extended further and the number of cases only rising, the future seems quite ambiguous. However, since May 3 there have been some relaxations that were announced by the Government for all zones. Gradually the world will have to get back into a normal routine and simultaneously combat COVID-19. 

To check if people are adhering to lockdown restrictions, Hyderabad police has installed 330 cameras across the city to identify a gathering of more than 5 people. The cameras are powered with AI technology for identification purposes. On similar lines, the Mumbai police have also used AI and drone technology to ensure that lockdown regulations are being followed thoroughly. 

As talks of post lockdown plans emerge, businesses will have to make some changes to their regular functioning. A post-lockdown world would have to be more cautious, more sanitised, and still maintaining a social distance. AI may be of tremendous help for the scenario. 

What AI tools to use once the lockdown is lifted: 

Face recognition technology

To keep track of attendance, most businesses you a punch-in machine that has a biometric record of employees and registers the in time and out time. Since all employees would use the fingerprint scanner to enter, it can be troublesome when a pandemic is spreading so quickly by touch. Facial recognition technology powered by AI would be a good way to record the entry and exit of employees without having the need to touch a scanner. 

Scheduling meetings and attendance

Another relief for the HR department with AI would be setting up meetings and managing timetables. Since the government has announced relaxations of the lockdown, they are still careful about the number of employees that are in the workplace. Only half the staff working on a rotational basis would be a good way to start operations rather than have everyone in one place. An AI tool on the roster management system would do this automatically for the HR department and ease their workload. It would also be accurate. 

Automated processes and sanitisation

A vaccine is yet to be discovered for the virus so it is very important we stay alert and take utmost care despite resuming operations. To still maintain social distancing, redundant tasks could be automated so people won’t have to come to work for it. Having the workplace sanitised regularly would also be a good way to keep the virus and using AI for this would ease the burden. 

Thermal Imaging

A recurring and prominent system of COVID-19 is increase in body temperature. By setting up thermal scanners that are powered by AI you can avoid having an infected person enter the office. Thermal scanners are a contactless way of checking temperatures and don’t require human contact. AI startup Staqu provides this technology that screens the person and then alerts health authorities if they are running a fever. However, for asymptomatic cases it won’t be possible to trace. 

Keeping a safe distance

To have a continued social distancing in your employees, you can set up an AI tool that monitors if people are getting in close contact with each other. There might also be a need for change in perspective and behaviour since humans are social animals. By having a tool set up, you don’t need to constantly monitor your employees and they are also alerted the moment they cross a boundary. 

A different world after lockdown…

The world after lockdown is going to be very different. Since the pandemic does not have a successful treatment option yet, people will have to develop immunity for it. The lockdown can only protect until a certain point since it brings down economic and social factors. When you step out and open your shutters again, develop an attitude of exercising sanitisation, and making safety your first priority. 

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