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Iris technology to change the face of security structure in India


Practically there cannot be two humans who have the same iris pattern what so ever. The accuracy rate of the software is such that the chance of error in iris recognition technology is 1:1.5 million.

By Tamaal Roy

Iris recognition technology uses unique patterns that are formed in the iris as a means of identification for humans. Practically there cannot be two humans who have the same iris pattern what so ever. The accuracy rate of the software is such that the chance of error in iris recognition technology is 1:1.5 million.
In today’s hi tech age, due to lack of identification assurance, instances of identity theft, frauds and scams happening across various sectors in the country is quite a common but serious phenomenon.

Highlighted below are some of the avenues where there is scope for Iris Recognition Technology:

• Personal Technology:

Passwords are easy to crack, whereas voice and fingerprints can be easily duplicated.A customized wallet which will store all your passwords which can be accessed only by you after scanning your iris is now possible which can be used in PCs as well as smart phones. One can also install it outside their house to get keyless entry just by scanning the eye.

• Educational Sector:

Iris scanners can be used to send out notification to parents when a child boards school bus at pickup or drop point or even when they attend school. In colleges, proxy attendance system can be eliminated completely. Additionally forging of documents for competitive examinations and more critical exams like CAT, GMAT, etc. can also be eradicated.

• Time and Attendance – Offices:

This technology can also be used in offices to check movementof the employees across sectors/departments or area and ensure only authorised personals access the restricted area or as per their delegation. The system can also help to automate payroll system entirely. Using somebody else’s ID card can be quite a serious issue which can be eradicated with the help of iris scanners.

• BFSI sector and Utility Centers:

Opening a new bank account, getting a new credit card or SIM can be possible within just a matter of minutes as KYC details of every consumer can be accessed from one common database and verified using iris scanner. Even ATM transactions can be made more secured using iris enabled security systems. Along with debit card and PIN, having iris scanners at terminals will act as double layer authentication method.

• Data / Research Centers:

Places where secure data and highly confidential and sensitive information is stored can be sometimes easily hacked into.Data should only be accessible to the research personnel or the institution while somebody who is not on that project should not have access to it. This is very critical for research organizations like ISRO, NASA etc.

• Automobiles – Cars and Bikes

Now unlock your car or bike with the blink of an eye. An iris scanner can be fixed outside your car or on the rear view mirror of your bike. Without your iris scan the vehicle will not be unlocked and thus will reduce thefts of automobiles significantly. Thus it can be combined with key to act as a double layered security mechanism.

• Medical and Biotechnology:

In medical sector, patient’s medical history and personal information is very critical and confidential which should be accessible only when the patient or doctor is available. Places where individuals are required to wear PPE – Personal Protective Equipment gear like masks and gloves are another area where this technology can be used. The technology will help in streamlining the access points and thereby reduce security breach. Finger print scanners are difficult to maintain and can also lead to spread of diseases through infected fingers. Iris technology on the other hand is contact less it is easy to maintain. Even if someone is infected with an eye disease it won’t affect the scanning process.

• Airport/Border Security:

At airports and borders, the security check can be time consuming. Also there are cases of identity theft and change of identity which can be of serious nature. This again can be eliminated as iris scanners can provide the highest levels of security compared to other forms of biometric methods.

Security should not be considered as a luxury. In fact it should be prioritised as a necessity for everyone across all layers of society. In India, we have a huge scope for iris recognition technology as it is about “Who you are” and not about “What you can carry” or “What you can remember”.

The author is  CEO of Biomatiques Identification Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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